Agent Atleta Player Updates

Week of October 31, 2016

Irina Falconi @irinafalconi (USA): Recovering from season-ending ankle surgery

Maria Sanchez @mariavs10 (USA): Reached 2nd round at U.S. Open doubles.  Ranked No. 58 in doubles.

Nina Stojanovic @ninockaaa (SRB): 20-year-old ranked career-high No. 143 after winning ITF Liuzhou $50k

Agent Atleta Ltd. is a Las Vegas-based athlete and event management company with an emphasis in professional tennis.  Agent Atleta means "athlete agent," the correct term for "sports agent" because an agent represents the athlete, not the sport.   

Agent Atleta's distinguished logo embodies this athlete-first philosophy, with the two interlocking a's signifiying the fiduciary relationship between agent and athlete.  Agent Atleta believes firmly in the principles of loyalty, competence and integrity towards its athlete clients, and diligently strives to advance the career goals and objectives of its valued clients.

Agent Atleta has successfully represented Top 100 players in the negotiation of racquet, apparel, product, and licensing agreements, and has consistently procured wild cards for its clients at tennis' most prestigious events. Agent Atlea has also assisted players and coaches to obtain athlete visas enabling them to train and reside in the U.S.     

Company President Jordan J. Butler holds the highest professional rating as a licensed attorney, and has been certified as an athlete agent.  In addition to his work as a player agent, Mr. Butler was a nationally ranked junior player, freelance tennis journalist, and ITF Pro Circuit tournament director. 

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